The Story of HuMAN_TiM+Robot_TiM
    Once there was a man named Tim. He loved to make up songs and play music. Playing and singing made him happy, but sometimes he wished he had a friend to play with. When he was playing the guitar, there was no one to play the drums, but when he played the drums, there was no one to play the guitar.
    Some people might have asked a neighbor for help. Some people might have put up a sign. But Tim was a little bit shy, so he came up with a different idea. He went down to his basement and started looking through all the old boxes of odds and ends and broken machines and empty cans and wheels and things that just seemed to have been forgotten. He made a big pile of all the parts that looked helpful, got out his tools, and went to work. After a lot of thinking and testing and mistakes and fixing, he finally had what he wanted. Tim had made a robot!
    Now there was someone to play the drums while Tim played the guitar, and someone to sing along with his songs. Tim had fun making music with his robot, but he also found that 
when they played together, he wasn’t as shy as he used to be. Now when people stopped to visit him, they wanted to hear the music that Tim and his robot made together. This made Tim feel really happy, and his robot seemed happy too.

The End        humtim+robottim in the studio