The music you are listening to was played, recorded and mixed by Tim Knuth and his robot in their Secret Electrical Music Cave, and mastered at Kingsize Sound Labs by Mike Hagler. All songs © 2013 by Tim Knuth except “I Am A Horse”, which is from a long lost CD-Rom game. Gail Katz-Frech sings on “Shine” & “Walk Like A Lion”, and my always patient and supportive wife, Liz Tate, sings on “I Am A Horse”. Special robotic assistance from Simon Knuth and Dr. Graham Metzger. Thanks also to my mother, Judith, for her insight and encouragement, and Keri Tate, for her tireless field-testing. Hearty hand-shakes for my noisy friends: Bob Frech, Derek Chamberlain, Andrew Frost, Dean Giavaras and Bill Oakley, and of course a giant thank you to all the amazing kids and parents who make playing music so much fun.